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W H I T E  S U N B U R N



W H I T E   S U N B U R N  is how I describe it when you've escaped to the salt air.  You're  totally relaxed on the beach  and your eyes get a blinding haze for a moment... from the suns rays reflecting off the sand.  You want to desperately bottle it up and take it with you forever.

 I worked feverishly to create something that would define this tangible memory.  Something special I could take and keep with me wherever I travelled.  

 I started creating a few personal pieces of beach jewelry that reminded me of this beautiful place,  this perfect paradise.   First, I stranded together necklaces from the coral I had collected and brought home from  St. Martin.  Eventually, creating  from shell collections I gathered on other journeys.   And now,  I am so fortunate to design at my home away from home,  the breathtaking white sand beaches of 30A.  

Inspired beyond words ~ was born.

INDIVIDUALLY handmade,   I try to create sea  inspired editorial pieces, that give off a sexy,  boho luxe vibe.